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High-quality sun/snow windshield covers made locally in the Michigan Upper Peninsula where we know a thing or two about snow!

Locally made in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

Approx. Size -- 86"x46", tapering to 38-40" at windshield edges

Let this cover be the end to your frustration this winter!  Just pull off, shake and go!  These high-quality car windshield covers are designed to last and meet your need in the elements where you live.  They practically eliminate the time it takes to clear your windshield of ice and snow and  protect your windshield wipers at the same time.  The optional mirror boots make sure you are ready to go and can see at a moments notice!  The cover is made of exterior grade matrix that is water, ice, mildew and UV resistant and is the same fabric used in airplane windshield covers.  They are covered by a 2-year warranty and include a storage bag. The built-in antitheft design makes it easy to protect your cover from those less-than- honest folk who will wish they had your cover! This cover will also work for sun shade in the summer, and is better than the traditional interior shades in that it repels ALL heat from the sun, including the layer that is normally trapped between the interior of the windshield and shade, destroying your car's dashboard.

Why Use Our Cover?

  1. This cover is Soft and is UV, snow, ice and water resistant material. Shake the cover, and the excess is gone.

  2. Installs easily and is secured inside the vehicle to prevent theft.

  3. Wiper blades are covered, reducing ice build up, saving you money from replacement wipers

  4. Storage bag included with each cover.

  5. Our covers have a 2 year warranty!

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