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Would you support church planting here in America?  We are active church planters in rural America.  Every dollar donated through this page is put into the church planting ministry.  Thank you for your support!

Every purchase from Baptist Wholesalers helps us help new and established churches and missionaries stay on the field!

Become a Baptist Wholesalers Minute Man

Support church planting in the USA with your donation here.  EVERY dollar raised through your donation is given to aid church planting ministries through local independent Baptist churches.  Will you consider being a Minute Man with us?  Because this is a business site, your donation will not be tax deductible.  If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation, you may send it to the address on the Church Planters Institute website.  Thank you for helping with this donation, but please do not take away from your regular giving to your local church. 



Thank you for following the link to this page.  I wanted to give you some information about Baptist Wholesalers and why I started this company.  I am an independent Baptist missionary evangelist.  I have been full-time in the ministry of church planting in America since 1996.  I started Baptist Wholesalers to help supply Bible-believing Baptist churches, missionaries, and schools with printing equipment and supplies and other ministry needs at wholesale costs.  The site has grown in the last several years with the addition of hymnals, color banners, full- color imprinting (t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, etc.), custom embroidery and other items churches and any individual might need.   As a copier technician, I had ties to the copier and printing industry before going full time in church planting.   The printed word is highly important to new and established churches alike, so I established Baptist Wholesalers to help Bible-believing, soul winning churches keep more money in the Lord's work.   I am currently sent out as a missionary by Shiloh Baptist Church in Gwinn, MI, and am working with Church Planters Institute.   To learn more about our church planting ministries, please click here.

Not only do I help Bible-believing Baptist churches and ministries save on the cost of their needs, but I also reserve a portion of the funds raised by the sale of products on this site to be put directly back into the church planting ministry.  You could be a great help to the church planting ministry simply by donating $1.  Every dollar raised through donations from the links on this page is used to support new church planting ministries through local independent Baptist churches.  Will you consider being a Minute Man with us?  These donations are not tax deductible, but if you would like to make tax-deductible donations, you may go here to the Shiloh Baptist Church donation page.

Thanks for your support and patronage to this site.

Evangelist Avery L. Smith



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