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Proceeds from sales of this book help to support Creation Truth Ministries

by Vance Ferrell

Thousands of scientific facts, disproving every basic area of evolutionary theory. Fascinating and easy-to-read, this book is written so the key points quickly jump out at you.

1350 scientific quotations or references!

Topically arranged with a full-sized index--easy to find what you need.

Full of hundreds of statements by prominent scientists who disprove evolutionary theory. They know evolution is a hoax!

This is a book you will keep for years as you explain different points to others. Facts are powerful!

928 pages.

$5.00  each -  Case of 16: $50.00 
Shipping/handling  for one book is $2.50 USPS or $11.00 UPS ground per case.


Amy, the Forgetful, Pink Elephant Books
Written and Illustrated by Susan King

These flip-books are a delightful collection of stories about Amy, the forgetful, pink elephant and her friends in the barnyard.  Share Amy's adventures and mishaps as she explores the Christian life, guided by the Pastor, Pastor's wife and all her barnyard friends.  Your children will enjoy these delightful stories intended to help them in their Christian walk.  The author is a pastor's wife who lives in North East Wisconsin.  Each book is actually two books in one, put together in a flip-over style.  Amy, the loveable and forgetful, pink elephant will warm your hearts for years to come.  The descriptions below are from the author.  Our kids love these books.  Yours will too!!


Amy and the WorId's Best Valentine - Again, Amy gets confused when she enters a contest to draw a beautiful valentine card. She draws several different cards with pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc., making all of the other forest animals laugh. Finally, she draws a card with a Bible on the front and writes John 3:16 inside. The Pastor awards Amy the prize, because the Bible is the greatest love letter ever written. An "Amy Epilogue" follows this story, telling the reader just what's so great about the Bible.
Amy and the Four-Leaf Clover - Amy has a week of bad luck and is desperate to find a f our-leaf clover to help her out. The Pastor explains why bad things some times happen and encourages Amy to trust God and His Word, not good luck charms. This story incorporates into Amy's week of bad luck the funny things that our family has said and done over the years.

Amy and the Real April Fool - Amy and her friend, Littlebit, a tiny, green frog, learn that the real April fool is the person who does not believe in God. The Pastor points out many of the errors of evolution, like the earth and dinosaurs being billions of years old, and shows how Creation is much more scientific and the Bible factual.
Amy and the Easter Basket - The "Easter Elephant" is hopping about the forest, causing the animals to run for shelter from the 'earthquake." The Pastor gives a biblical application to all of the items Amy has in her basket. Readers will be amused at all of the unusual "weather conditions" Amy causes for the forest animals with her hopping, her tummy rumbling, her sneezing, and her crying.



Amy and the Mother's Day Reunion - It's almost Mother's Day, and Amy thinks back to the last time she saw her mother and how she ended up at the Pastor's farm. Her adventures as a toddler traveling across Wisconsin in a hot air balloon with the help of a guardian angelephant are sure to please young children. God's love, protection, and answers to prayer unite Amy and her mother once again.
Amy and the Memorial Day Memories - Amos, a small, blue elephant, comes to live on the Pastor's farm. He and Amy become best friends, sharing lots of adventures together. But Amos is not well and dies. The Pastor's wife tells Amy about the death of her small son and how she looks forward to seeing him again in Heaven someday. This story provides the young reader with answers and comfort on the touchy subject of death. Humor is also included when Amy tries to tell Amos the Bible story of Noah and teaches him how to play checkers.

Amy and the Father's Day Wish - Amy so wishes she had a father to help her in various ways. The Pastor explains that sometimes God brings others into your life to treat you as a father would --  God gave the orphan Esther a godly cousin named Mordecai to help her. And God also promises to be a father of the fatherless. Amy finally sees that all of her Father's Day wishes have come true in the Pastor and in the Heavenly Father. Readers of all ages will enjoy Amy's basketball and football adventures with the Pastor and their battle with Barnaby Badger.
Amy and the Fourth of July Parade - This story deals with prejudice, When the farm animals learn that they all came from different countries, they don't want to be friends anymore. The Pastor helps them see that God doesn't care where they come from, what color their skin is, or what shape their eyes are. He loves us all - and we are to love each other also. Amy's comical explanation of events in American History and Wisconsin State History will bring a smile to any face!



Amy and the Birthday Story - In this story for August, Amy celebrates the Pastor's birthday. Having no gift, Amydecides to give the Pastor the night off from storytelling, and she tells him a story. Her mixed up version of Cinderella is hilarious! She then wants to tell another fairy tale, like Noah and the Ark. But the Pastor tells her that Bible stories are not fairy tales. He explains the many proofs of a worldwide flood and tells Amy that evolution is a fairy tale made up by men who do not want to believe in God.
Amy and the Labor Day Lamentations - Amy complains about having to do chores and wants to live in a wonderful, magical land where there is no such thing as WORK! The Pastor tells her a story about Ellie F. Ant, a tiny, red eleph-ant from Antapolis in the Jungle of Proverbia, who also wants to live where there is no work. She travels to Sluggard City and meets lazy characters such as Snoozy Snail, Bertha Bedbug, Slowdoe Sloth, Dusty, the giant dust bunny, and the Muck Monster. The filth, poverty, and godlessness of Sluggard City make Ellie, and Amy, realize that work is honorable and necessary ... and godly. It's a fascinating story that teaches the value and rewards of hard work, while also teaching that salvation is the one thing we can't work for.

Amy and the Fearful Pumpkin - Amy and Peter Pumpkin are frightened by every- thing while sitting out in the dark pumpkin patch on the Pastor's farm. Their wild imaginations will keep the reader amused! Finally, Amy's and Peter's screaming wakes up the Pastor, and he helps them memorize Bible verses to say when they are afraid. It works, and those same 'spooky" sounds don't disturb their sleep anymore.
Amy and the Happiest Thanksgiving Day Ever - Amy gets lost In the woods and can't find her way back to the Pastor's farm. Several forest animals try to help, but only end up getting drenched over and over in Amy's big, elephant-sized tears! Amy learns what she is really thankful for and she also learns the importance of prayer.



Amy and the Christmas Party - Amy cannot remember what holiday Christmas is-she gets all the holidays confused. With the Pastor's help, she finally remembers that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. She tells her slightly mixed up version of the Christmas story, and then the Pastor retells it correctly. Throughout the story, children will enjoy guessing which holiday Amy is thinking of.
Amy and the New Year's Goals - Amy makes a very unrealistic list of New Year's "resolutions" which she can't keep even on the first day. The Pastor helps her rewrite her list with realistic goals that are important for her spiritual growth in the New Year. Readers will laugh as Amy tries her best to keep such goals as never forgetting anything, never being clumsy, and losing 1,000 pounds!
Amy the Pink Elephant Holiday flip books are $8.95 each.  
Purchase the set of all 7 Books: $55.00 ( and get a free poster)


DANNY'S DIARY - Explore the many wonders of Heaven with a young boy who has just arrived there. Visit the Crown Castle, the Crystal Bottle Building, and Heaven's Warehouse. Meet Martin Luther, D.L. Moody, and Fanny Crosby. Enjoy an exciting rafting trip with Noah or take a thrilling chariot ride over Heaven's majestic landscape with King David. Celebrate Heaven's favorite holiday with the very Christ of Christmas. Danny's Diary will make the reality of Heaven cheer and comfort your heart, soul, and mind.


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